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Sunday February 18, 2018
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To awaken, motivate and infuse readers with new ideas about life, leadership, integrity, dignity and strength. To inspire women and men to support programs that benefit women and girls and to donate 100% of the profits from sales of this book for the first two years to the Women’s Foundation of California and her grant partners.


– Maureen Ford & Patty DeDominic

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    "Imagine being at a gathering of women where they are sharing their thoughts, their lives, giving and taking the hard-earned wisdom of experience. Now imagine that the 100+ women are all exceptionally accomplished and inspiring. When you read this book, you are welcomed into that wonderful circle."

    Marcy Carsey, Carsey-Werner Productions
    Producer of That ‘70s Show, Roseanne,
    The Cosby Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun
    and more



    "The timeless messages in Life Moments for Women will resonate in the hearts of women and girls everywhere.  This book illustrates the common bond that all women share."

    — Mariel Hemingway
    Actress and Author of Mariel Hemingway’s
    Healthy Living from the Inside Out



    "Life Moments for Women is a gift to yourself.  These remarkable women inspire us by sharing the crucial moments that lead them on their life paths.  Their touching stories provide a warm blanket of support by giving us new perspectives and ideas. It’s like having 100+ mentors at your fingertips!"

    — Betsy Myers, Author of Take the Lead,
    and Founding Director, Center for
    Women & Business, Bentley University



    "Open this book anywhere to discover the turning points of these great women. If you let these women serve as your mentors, opening possibilities that you might follow, if you dare put fear behind you as they did and take the first step toward claiming you own life, then you too can change your life."

    — Adele Scheele, PhD
    Career Strategist and Author of
       Skills for Success and Launch Your Career in College



    "Incredibly inspiring.  Fascinating.  Engaging.  This book provides a unique opportunity to hear the personal stories of these great women as they share the moments that shaped their lives and helped make them the successes they are today.  This is an absolute must read for women of all ages, everywhere."

    — Susan Solovic,CEO, Co-founder ItsYourBiz.com
    and New York Times Bestselling Author



    "The intimate reflections in Life Moments for Women demonstrate the indomitable spirit and resolution of women when we source our inner strength to significantly impact our lives and the lives of others.  This book is a resource for inspiration."

    Gayle Tauber, Co-founder of the Kashi Company,
    and CEO of Seedling Fund


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Life Moments for Women video produced by the Film, Media & Social Justice Department

of Mount St. Mary's College.
Song "Women of Today" by Faith Rivera & Beth Eichel, performed by Faith Rivera.

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Jul 2012

LoRe Linda

Hall of Fame winner, CEO, now a graduate student, Linda Lore reminds us that happiness, time and good health are things you can’t buy with money. As a high powered CEO her skills were tested when a company she had recently become head of had extreme financial challenges. She took the company into Chapter 11 around the same time as 9/11. A first marriage at 46 and new mom at 49, Linda is now back in graduate school. Linda’s best life lessons include:

  1. Listening to your “inner self” especially at night just before sleep, the questions and answers for your life will come to you.
  2. Now with two youngsters, grad school and non-profits that she is passionate about, Linda encourages everyone to learn how to say NO, compassionately and lovingly.

"You can’t do it all but you can say no with compassion. You don’t have to stop to smell the roses, you CAN carry them with you.”

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