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Sunday January 21, 2018


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In Honor of Father's Day

on Monday, 04 June 2012.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! In celebration of Father’s Day that is coming up this June 17, we will feature father-daughter stories from our book, Life Moments for Women. 

My Experience as an Intern for Life Moments for Women

on Thursday, 31 May 2012.

-Maya Keane, UCSB Student

On May 3, 2012 I, along with three of the other UCSB interns, drove down to Los Angeles for a two-day event put on by the Women’s Funding Network.

We were situated at a table in the main hallway of the Biltmore Hotel where we set up our books and displays to get the word out about the Life Moments for Women book. Our goal was to sell books and we were given lots of inspiration and encouragement by the authors Patty DeDominic and Maureen Ford who were alongside us getting the word out about the book.

Even with our goal in mind, I quickly learned that I was going to meet many influential and successful women with endless words of wisdom to pass onto me. As a graduating college senior I have become excited and nervous for the future, but being in attendance at these events made me confident that the world awaiting me is one where I can thrive. The words of encouragement and advice that I received filled me with hope for the future and seemed to carry much of the same theme; do what you are passionate about and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

One woman that stopped by our table seemed to linger around, curious about the book. As she was about the leave, Patty asked her to tell us about what she did. This turned into a full-fledged conversation that involved all of us. She said that she herself had been in a position of power within a corporate company and in her forties decided to quit that job and start her own non-profit. What really stood out from what she said was what she said it takes to be a ‘founder.’ She said that founders are over confident, they are calculated risk takers, they trust themselves, they are resilient, they break rules, and they are visionaries. She said what we had similarly heard in a luncheon earlier that day from another non-profit founder who said that she got to where she was by making lots of mistakes. This she followed up by saying that the only way to success is making mistakes and recovering from them.

Later that evening we went to the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills for the Women’s Foundation of California’s Momentum Awards. This was a truly classy evening where we were free to walk around and interact with the guests. We met many of the women featured in the book, as well as some of the women who endorsed it. Patty introduced us to one of her mentors, Dr. Adele Scheele, who taught her to ‘act like a host, not a guest.’ This is what I would consider the motto for the entire experience we had. I have already been able to apply it to many situations in my own life since then. At one point Dr. Scheele asked each of us what we individually wanted to do after we graduate. Considering each of us expressed that we feel that we have many options, if not too many, and found it difficult to just pick one path. She told us to tell her one that we might favor more than the others and we could apply her advice on that to any of the other options we might choose to pursue. What stuck out to me in the advice that she gave all of us falls in line with the theme I mentioned earlier. She told us to express our passion by contacting and interacting with people in positions that can help us achieve our goals. When interacting with them, flatter them and tell them why you admire them. Then you can create a common bond that will help them remember who you are later on.

These two interactions are just a couple of the many I had during my time at these events. While I expected the experience to be more intimidating, the women I met were warm, friendly, and eager to offer their advice and assistance. I left these events feeling empowered and passionate for a cause that I hope to continue to work for in the future. Now maybe, just maybe, I am a little less concerned about making mistakes as long as they help me achieve my goals.


The Best Moments of All

Written by Maureen Ford on Sunday, 22 April 2012.

Mother’s Day is in honor of the best mother who ever lived ─ the mother in your heart.

~ Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) Founder of Mother’s Day Celebration in the U.S.

I recently heard a graduating high school senior say, “As I look back upon these past four years, I realize that the best moments of all were the moments I spent volunteering with my mother.  My mom is my greatest inspiration, and when I go off to college, I will miss the times we spent together helping other people.”

My eyes filled with tears.  I had to turn away so the student and her mother wouldn’t see me cry.  I missed my mom who died almost nine years ago. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself by flashing onto one of the first stories written for Life Moments for Women, 100+ Extraordinary California Women Share Turning Points in Their Lives.

Kathie Armstrong’s, Magic in Sumba, about a mother-daughter team helping impoverished natives on a remote island village, made me smile!  Suddenly, I felt connected to my mom’s spirit and was overcome with gratitude for the all motherly love and attention that she had showered upon me for over fifty years.

Still, not every moment with my mother was love-filled and perfect. Karen Caplan’s A Watershed Moment reminds me that “the truth is that my mom is the perfect mother for me, because if she wasn’t who she was, I wouldn’t be who I am now.”  Thank you, Karen, for courageously sharing your story of personal growth.

Like Nancy McFadden’s A Life Well-Lived, I worried that my mother never had “the opportunity to enjoy what I thought should be a full life.” In The Meaning of Grace, I shared Debra Nakatomi’s sudden awakening!  I, too, had taken on some of my mother’s characteristics ─ and it was “a huge moment of self awareness!”

In Becoming a Better Daughter, Nina Craft’s entitlement attitude is transformed into joy after signing up to make the sacrifices for a more loving relationship with her mom.  In From My Heart, Dianne Callister, 2010 National Mother of the Year, walks in her birth mother’s footsteps when she was invited to play her Irish harp at a Mother’s Day Luncheon at a Salvation Hospital for unwed mothers in East Los Angeles.

These heartfelt mother-daughter moments are only a small sampling of what lies within the pages of Life Moments for Women.  Also included are stories of hope and courage, overcoming obstacles, making a difference, taking risks, love, loss, and letting go, leadership, and pushing beyond boundaries that stand in the way.

Life Moments for Women is the perfect gift for you ─ and the mother in your heart. Buy a copy for all the special women you know: moms, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, girl-friends, customers and co-workers.  It even makes a great gift for the important men in your life!

Remember, 100% of the profits from this book will be given to the Women’s Foundation of California!

We hope you will seek out a quiet moment and reflect upon these beautiful stories. They are our gift to you in the beautiful month of May.  Please share your thoughts with us.  Let us know what you think. Can you think of a moment that transformed your life?  What did you learn?   Who will you share your lesson with?

Thank you to all the women in Life Moments for Women for contributing a part of your journey with us.  Your stories of courage and self-discovery will enrich our lives today, tomorrow and in the years to come.  These are by far “The Best Moments of All!”

Love & happiness,
Maureen Ford

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