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Sunday January 21, 2018
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Life Moments for Women video produced by the Film, Media & Social Justice Department

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Song "Women of Today" by Faith Rivera & Beth Eichel, performed by Faith Rivera.

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

on Friday, 03 May 2013.


…mother love … one of the most moving and unforgettable memories of our lives, the mysterious root of all growth and change; the love that means homecoming, shelter and the long silence from which everything begins and everything ends.


~ C.S. Jung, Aspects of The Feminine


Since the launch of Life Moments for Women, 100+ Extraordinary California Women Share Turning Points in Their Lives a year ago, I am frequently asked to describe the common characteristics of the many accomplished women in the book.

“Successful women,” I say, “are in alignment with their true purpose; they do what they love, are willing to take calculated risks and refuse to give up in the face of adversity.  But first and foremost, they know that in order to get anything in life ─ you must believe in yourself.”

Then I explain that on the journey of interviewing 100+ extraordinary women, I came to appreciate mother-daughter relationships in a deeper, more meaningful way.  What I started to realize in my own life, I saw reflected in the stories I was gathering ─ that until a daughter is able to fully accept and honor her mother for the woman she is, or perhaps once was, (in spite of perceived shortcomings and faults) ─ she can never fully believe in herself.

This year, May 12th, is the day dedicated to all our mothers everywhere. Life Moments for Women is the perfect gift to honor and thank the women who brought us into the world!  It has been said that when daughters and moms read and discuss the stories together, the result is an unexpected sharing of their own life-moments! 

Remember to thank the many “other mothers” in your life too: women who stepped forward during a time of need ─ a loving grandmother, godmother, sister, or aunt, a caring cousin, neighbor or friend, a favorite teacher, a special boss or co-worker.

I am proud that Patty DeDominic and I dedicated Life Moments for Women to our   moms in heaven with these heartfelt words: 

“We dedicate this book to our extraordinary mothers, Mary Murphy Kohut and Eleanor Margaret Timm who loved passionately and never stopped encouraging our dreams.”   

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Maureen E. Ford,

Co-Author, Life Moments for Women

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