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Sunday January 21, 2018
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Now working with veterans and Habitat for Humanity, Donna reminds us that life is not meant to go in only one direction, that it merely guides us and shapes our skills and experience. She left academia to pursue other avenues and knows it is important to find the rudder and guide yourself.

Don’t  look at a goal as having an absolute finish line. Use the road you are on and enjoy the journey.

One of Donna’s  mentors also gave her extremely valuable advice  in dealing with staff. She tells us

It’s a mutual contract and that you as a leader must be as interested in your staffs aspirations as you are in your own. Ask them where they want to go and everyone benefits.

Listen as Donne Deutchman shares some of her current activities as CEO of Habitat for Humanity, San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.



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