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Sunday January 21, 2018
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Determined women need a rest from the demands of their dynamic careers. Emerging more energized and excited about life than ever, Gisselle shares new parts of her life’s journey! For her mother and herself, lack of financial resources, needing to learn English or even blizzards never stood her way.  

“It’s not those moments that destroy us, those are the Moments that MAKE US what and who we are."

Gisselle’s advice is to try to look at yourself to become Centered and she has done that again  for herself. No longer “ruled by a calendar,”  she remains a living model for others in many ways.   After a diverse career as a major philanthropist and ceo she is on another path now which includes a planned sabbatical.  Blossoming on a whole new level, she reminds us to  always have Faith in yourself  and a Vision for your Life.




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